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The iron gates, the daunting locks, The nauseating chains, the bolts and knobs Each of them checked, every path blocked The guard let out a relieved sigh. “Much at stake ‘ere, can’t afford to be lax” Deep, dark secrets the… Continue Reading →

Something to remember…..

While its been a long while since I last had a proper update here and there are quite a few things that need/deserve to be written about, I shall keep them pending for the meanwhile, thanks to GSoC work and… Continue Reading →

Of philosophy and analogy…..

Scorch,screech,hiss and hiss again There goes the fire, rekindling its pain Yet every moment a spark, brilliant-so-ever A seductive invitation to come and get slain.. The light that doth become its notion of supreme beauty Woo-ing it so strongly,making it… Continue Reading →

Inexplicable Flows

Its dark,dismaying,delusive and dull Have I been engulfed, or is it just a lull? A thousand thoughts the mind doth occupy, Cluttering,sufffocating the Learner’s Paradise. Which one is it, that needs to fly by? When will that old,beautiful feeling arise… Continue Reading →

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