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Notes from The Power of Positive Thinking

Caveat Emptor: Great book, but throws in way too much Christianity/religion in the face of the reader. IMHO, it is much easier for humans to place absolute confidence and faith in an abstract higher power, than it is to place… Continue Reading →

Work empowers personality

“Bill O’Reilly who precedes me on our channel, is like a superhero. Because if you meet him in person, he is kind of shy, quiet. He would never dominate your dinner table. But you put that guy behind that desk,… Continue Reading →

Something to remember…..

While its been a long while since I last had a proper update here and there are quite a few things that need/deserve to be written about, I shall keep them pending for the meanwhile, thanks to GSoC work and… Continue Reading →

NoteBuddy – A GVim plugin for easy note-taking

Laugh at me if you wish to, or call it heights of craziness. I wouldn’t be surprised,since most of my classmates (and non-classmates too)  find my addiction for writing well-highlighted notes in >= 3 colors ridiculously amusing anyways.But then, old… Continue Reading →

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