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Getting OpenEmbedded accepted for GSoC 2010

It has been a long period of hibernation for this blog and its now time to make good use of the aggregation privilege on Planet LinuxToGo that Florian has given me. GSoC 2010 announcements are out, and mentoring organizations have… Continue Reading →

GSoC 2009 – Winding up…

As Google Summer of Code 2009 draws to a formal close, its time to sum up all my work and the fun I had with my project, thank the people who have stood by me all this while and hopefully… Continue Reading →

GSoC Updates – Report 4

This post briefly sums up the work since my last report, when I got a basic Maemo-Angstrom filesystem image working.Since then I have focussed mainly on the following two issues – 1. Improving the Hildon Desktop environment and adding useful… Continue Reading →

GSoC Updates: Hildon-on-Angstrom

Since my last post, I have been working on duplicating the hildon-desktop environment that I achieved on my laptop, on an Angstrom base on the beagleboard adding the needed bitbake recipes. I now have a hildon-on-angstrom image which I could… Continue Reading →

GSoC Updates – Hildon and beyond

Progress This post is meant to be a summary of my work over the last fifteeen days and a discussion on what follows, the issues I face and so on.  I have finally managed to get Hildon desktop running outside… Continue Reading →

GS0C 2009 : The Fun Begins…

So I am almost like a month late…selection on 20th April and the  first update  today – fie on me ! And of course, need I mention the end-sems and the ‘God forsaken semester extensions”   (to put it in… Continue Reading →

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