Month August 2015

Book Summary: Zero To One by Peter Thiel

On Startups Successful people find value in unexpected places and they do by thinking about business from first principles instead of applying formulas. Peter Thiel’s mandatory interview question –¬† “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: Flow: The psychology of optimal experience

The concept of flow What is described in popular culture as being ‘in the zone’ or ‘in the groove’. Makes use of an individual’s focused attention, referred to as ‘psychic energy’.¬†Focused attention, not time or anything, is an individual’s most… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: The hard thing about hard things by Ben Horowitz

TL;DR: This book is a great reference for the following things (some well-summarized in this YC talk):¬† Various aspects of running an enterprise tech company in the valley. How to hire execs. Contains a comprehensive checklist of things one should… Continue Reading →

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