This post briefly sums up the work since my last report, when I got a basic Maemo-Angstrom filesystem image working.Since then I have focussed mainly on the following two issues –

1. Improving the Hildon Desktop environment and adding useful applications – The improvements included getting the application menu in hildon-desktop working, fixing some crashes and detecting a couple of OE related packaging issues, which led to those crashes. I have also added support for all the hildonised gpe applications from Diablo extras-devel, and some of the Fremantle Stars applications – omweather, maemo-mapper etc. Work on modest and other Fremantle apps is in place.

2. Restructuring my work -The earlier repo at required the user to manually add some recipes to the OE tree due to core components like glib/gtk etc. I have now changed and restructured this to create a proper OE overlay, just like jalimo does for instance, and the new overlay which can be used on top of a clean OE tree is hosted  at –

Instructions for usage have also been documented here.Flames/suggestions/comments are as always welcome here or on IRC. đŸ™‚

To sign-off, here a couple of screenshots of the newly added applications.


Hildon Desktop on beagleboard from the VNC viewer


Omweather running on Angstrom as seen through the VNC viewer

Update 1:  I am currently testing my work on the Beagleboard, so interested beagleboard users can look at this download page , for the latest image to test with.