Since my last post, I have been working on duplicating the hildon-desktop environment that I achieved on my laptop, on an Angstrom base on the beagleboard adding the needed bitbake recipes.

I now have a hildon-on-angstrom image which I could get ready about two weeks back. The image has hildon-desktop, some plugins,some supplementary apps. like Maemopad and Maemopadplus and so on. This forms the basic of a maemo-angstrom-image. I am currently testing it on a Beagleboard.

The apps boot well, but there are issues like locale support not being present and difficulty in loading icons which I have working on for the last week. Both the errors seem to be arising out of lack of support in the image. I am building a file-system image with gpe-image/ x11-gpe-image in Open Embedded as a base. The work over the next week will involve finishing cleaning up these issues with the apps currently, documenting the status, adding the maemo connectivity elements (already in progress), and some base packages.

The work on the recipes for the packages, the conf. files and image recipe can all be found at my github account:

Some screenshots of Maemo apps. running on my Beagleboard viewed with the vnc viewer :


Hildon Desktop via VNC. Basic plugins supported, but lack of locale support is the show-stopper


Application Menu


MaemopadPlus, screenshot taken from Remote Desktop Viewer

As the screenshots show, the basic framework for Maemo support is ready, but the UI/apps. here need a whole lot of refining to get it to the same states as those running within Scratchbox. Comments/Suggestions/Flames/ Request for particular apps. to be supported in OE would be most welcome!