This post is meant to be a summary of my work over the last fifteeen days and a discussion on what follows, the issues I face and so on.  I have finally managed to get Hildon desktop running outside scratchbox, something I was stuck with when I gave my first report.  I  have a certain sort of UI running at the moment, and the recipes for which are done and will be released after testing this week. They are currently hosted at

Here are some screenshots :





Sometime back, this would have been a trivial task, given the work done on Hildon Desktop Portability by the previous maintainers. However,since then hildon-desktop has changed drastically to make this obsolete and has also seen some more closed components entering, so thanks to iphbd, its now impossible to get the latest hildon-desktop to build outside scratchbox.The one in the screenshot is the pre-alpha version with Mer patches and some fixes for dbus issues.

UI Issues :

The UI I have got working currently is a messy mixture of various things. Primarily because  the current HD uses non-free packages like osso-icons-default, hildon-home etc.  Any suggestions on how get over this, and integrate the procudure of obtaining  the non-free packages as well in OE would be more than welcome.  The theme used here is plankton  and the startup scripts and icons are  a mix of those from the previous work and from Mer.  I would need to decide what UI to closely follow and the options there would be : Diablo (may get deprecated soon) or Fremantle (difficult due to closed source components and lack of documentation on packages comprising the new UI).

Other things and the roadmap ahead:

I have also added/am adding recipes for some other packages for localization, connectivity sub-system etc.  Testing of the recipes begins this week and by next week, I hope to release a filesystem image running Maemo software on top of Angstrom built with OE. With the current configuration and recipes, it is easy to write a recipe and integrate any hildonized app. into OE.

Thats it from my side for now. Any suggestions on both the Hildon and OE fronts are more than welcome 🙂