Li Lu on Modernization and China : Talks at Google

Li Lu, known as an investor, hedge-fund manager and one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square Student Protests gave a talk at Google on China and its modernization. Below is a snippet of my takeaways from the talk. Notes,… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: The Happiness Advantage

Seven principles from the book: The happiness advantage: Happiness does not follow success. The reason is that each time we are successful, we change the goals (the definition of success) just a little bit so happiness remains a moving target…. Continue Reading →


The iron gates, the daunting locks, The nauseating chains, the bolts and knobs Each of them checked, every path blocked The guard let out a relieved sigh. “Much at stake ‘ere, can’t afford to be lax” Deep, dark secrets the… Continue Reading →

Getting infected

“He didn’t sleep for four nights. Four whole nights. And if that trip had been his idea of a vacation, where, the psychologist wanted to know, did he work ? “ “He didn’t want to fight for petty wins when… Continue Reading →

Science Fiction – Echoes from the Unknown

There is a lot to write about the Shaastra gone¬† by (for those uninitiated,¬† it is the technical festival of my university,IIT Madras and one of a kind in India), but only if the typical CSE assignment drills would stop… Continue Reading →

GSoC 2009 – Winding up…

As Google Summer of Code 2009 draws to a formal close, its time to sum up all my work and the fun I had with my project, thank the people who have stood by me all this while and hopefully… Continue Reading →

GSoC Updates – Report 4

This post briefly sums up the work since my last report, when I got a basic Maemo-Angstrom filesystem image working.Since then I have focussed mainly on the following two issues – 1. Improving the Hildon Desktop environment and adding useful… Continue Reading →

Something to remember…..

While its been a long while since I last had a proper update here and there are quite a few things that need/deserve to be written about, I shall keep them pending for the meanwhile, thanks to GSoC work and… Continue Reading →

GSoC Updates: Hildon-on-Angstrom

Since my last post, I have been working on duplicating the hildon-desktop environment that I achieved on my laptop, on an Angstrom base on the beagleboard adding the needed bitbake recipes. I now have a hildon-on-angstrom image which I could… Continue Reading →

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