Its dark,dismaying,delusive and dull
Have I been engulfed, or is it just a lull?

A thousand thoughts the mind doth occupy,
Cluttering,sufffocating the Learner’s Paradise.
Which one is it, that needs to fly by?
When will that old,beautiful feeling arise ?

What is it that causes a sudden jerk…
Making everything in my life go bezerk ?
Knowing not and wanting to find out.
I turn to look back
At the path on which I set out.

But with a blurred vision
And ever so foggy thoughts
I could never ever know
What went wrong
What marred the show…

Chaos,confusion,collisions abound –
Bear this I can’t, please take me away
For once, things are so profound
No I can’t handle this
or I don’t want to, I say.

Why on earth did I
Make a lamp the Sun of my life ?
The brightest it may have been – the apple-of-my-eye
But raising pedestals always leads to strife.

The gears of time make themselves heard
One cant afford staying shattered…

The title probably doesnt make sense, nor can I get a proper ending  to this vague chain of thoughts. But then, retrospections aren’t meant to make much sense – except to the one they belong to. And yes, it has nothing to do with the recent happy-endings – the Qualcomm win (for which I need to thank *n* people..prominently a brilliant team-mate, a supportive roomie and a friend who stole the show with a sweet little gesture of hers)  or whatever else. Or maybe it does – they talk about things  like “the calm before the storm”, in this case, I hope it is  “the storm before the landing”- an ecstatic landing on the desired shores.