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‘Managing Humans’ by Michael Lopp

The book is a collection of thoughts from a Silicon Valley engineering manager, on software development, managing people, working with managers and shipping products. The content mostly rehashes his blog,, and that leads to the only valid criticism of this book… Continue Reading →

Chaos Monkeys: Gems from Antonio Martinez’s memoir

Advice/Truisms the book provides loud and clear Psychology / Social Dealings High-level decisions, in business or government, that affect thousands of people and millions in revenue, are made eventually on: Gut feel Residue of historical politics Persuasive messages (or the… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: Deep Work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world

Why deep work matters The ability to concentrate intensely and produce at an elite level is getting more and more valuable (as other jobs get outsourced and eliminated) at the same time that it is getting rarer (reduced attention span… Continue Reading →

The Snowball: Warren Buffett & The Business of Life – Book Review

The Snowball is the only ‘official’ Warren Buffett biography that was written with Buffett’s cooperation. Reading this book is an extreme form of dumpster-diving. You will find a few diamonds to hold on to for life, but that will need wading… Continue Reading →

Targeting women, the wrong way

An investing platform,  that caters to women only, founded by a famous glass-ceiling shatterer on Wall Street, sends out pretty flowers to its new clients to appreciate them. While flowers are great and mood-elevating, it is a bit ironical that… Continue Reading →

Presidential championing, and aligning with the world

How does one get to be the most powerful person in the most powerful country of the world? Take a moment to imagine a hypothetical presidential candidate – what images does your brain come up with? Maybe it is someone… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: Antifragile by Nassim Taleb

Antifragile – a term used to mean the opposite of fragile, and denote things that gain from disorder, chaos, stressors. It is not the same thing as ‘robust’ or ‘resilient’. Fragile things are negatively impacted by uncertainty, stress. Robust things… Continue Reading →

Book Summary: Give and Take by Adam Grant

Reciprocity Styles: People can be classified based on reciprocity styles as givers (do more for others), matchers (operate on quid-pro-quo basis) and takers (look for personal gain at the expense of others). Success and Reciprocity Styles: There is a high correlation… Continue Reading →

Credit Cards, Beginner Bucket List – 2016

I found myself having conversations with several friends about must-have credit cards. This post is an attempt to record all of them in one place, and is aimed at credit card beginners. For immigrants from places where plastic money isn’t… Continue Reading →

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